There is a gateway into the healing, health, wellness, and wisdom you seek. There is a path, as close as your very own breath,  to an deep and penetrating wellness that touches every aspect of your life. You may feel disconnected, in pain, run down, or stressed out, but I assure you there is hope. What you have been looking for in your own healing, you have actually been looking with.

In truth, body and mind are completely unified. This unified body is innately free, flexible, energetic, vital, compassionate, courageous, and wise. Before the thinking mind boxed up who we think we are, we were hard wired and totally prepared to energetically live full-out, love without boundaries, and deeply experience the wonder of life.

I have observed in many, many patients that we can, in fact, awaken and have a direct experience of our self beyond the beliefs and structures that actually limit our lives and create physical and emotional pain.

This source of healing, this “gateway” into wellness , is our spine. In every great wisdom tradition, the spine has served as a central channel of our life’s vital life force. The spine is intimately connected to how we use our awareness. As a direct result, our capacity to have conscious choice, to transform stress, and to experience awakening.

In early childhood, we often establish deeply rooted “defense postures” to protect ourselves from physical and emotional trauma. This defense posture often becomes a deeply habituated physical and emotional pattern that continues to play itself out. In fact, the posture, position, tone and tension of our spine is directly correlated to the posture, position, tone, and tension of our life. Our posture becomes the phsical signal of a defended sense of self. Our defense posture creates the neurological hard wiring of how we filter reality and our perceptions.

This filter borne from a defensive posture in life stimulates the survival reflex. It stimulates the nervous system to constantly be on edge. It creates a story that “I am separate and alone, I am separate from life, I am separate form love an compassion.” The posture associated with defense is related to chronic neck pain, back pain, fatigue, poor immune function, headaches, and depression.

This defense posture and its resulting survival reflex in anchored in the spine. The great news is that just as you can upgrade your computer with a new operating system, you can upgrade your own body and spine. the process undoes the trauma and armor of a lifetime helping create a flexible and pain free body, a vital and focused mind, and an energetic and open heart.

When the central channel for your vital life force and prana is open, clear, and polished, you can easily access states of energy, focus, gratitude, love, perspective, compassion, and grace. In fact, these states are our natural state.When the spine is free of tension, trauma, and reactive defense postures at an unconscious level, you naturally relax into each moment with relaxed joyfulness, passion, clarity, and purpose.  The physical correlate to this is feeling free, loose, flexible, energetic, healthy, well, and awake.

In this state our breath moves naturally and freely through our entire spine. When stress comes into our life, we have the resources to actually utilize it for growth, energy, and action. Our body becomes a self healing system that is optimized for wellness.

The gentle action of Network Spinal Analysis and its sister technique of Somato Respiratory Integration are leading edge tools that can help you heal from years of pain, stress, trauma, and feeling stuck. If you want to heal your pain AND experience yourself as energetic, vital, focused, compassionate, graceful, and open, then our work may be just the right fit. You were born to express the infinite wisdom within.

Dr. Matt Lyon

Network Wellness Center of Charlotte

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