There is really nothing about health that you don’t know deep down. I could write article after article about nutrition, about yoga, about stress reduction, about your nervous system. I could talk for hours about the amazing power of the body to heal itself. And about 50,000 other people are writing about the same thing. And I am bored most of the time with them, so I’d actually just be boring myself.

Because you already know, deep down, just what to do.

So what is the rub – what is the x factor in sustaining change? Is it a new supplement? The right diet? That one personal growth retreat where you’ll finally get it? Nope.

Its the pearl of great price, right in your heart – right in your soul.

When we feel the deep connection to that internal sense of wellness, passion, celebration of life – that ineffable internal compass of well-being we naturally choose the next right thing. Whether it is what we eat, what we think, what actions we take, or how we relate to others.

When we are in this zone of wellness the hardwired 14 Billion years of evolutionary knowledge kick in and we know just what to do.

The keystone, is congruence. Its congruence on every level. And it requires a deep desire to look ourselves and our lives deeply in the eyes and know that we deserve so much more than we typically allow ourselves to experience.

Life can, and in fact should be, effortless. It does not mean its not work. It means that it can be harmonious and congruent. And this is the greatest joy in life. This is living in depth.

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