Dear friends:

I was in love with a Facebook post my friend Brian Johnson recently posted. If you have not yet checked him and his remarkable work out, I really encourage it. You can find more about him and his Teaching Academy at

In any event he posted the following. It reminded me of a piece of writing I did years ago when I was in the midst of period of radical spiritual transformation in my life. I am reposting my old blog below (I am not sure how spell-checked it is :).

Here is what Brian wrote:

Here’s a ritual of mine: Often when I pay a bill or buy something or enjoy a meal, I pause for a moment to appreciate the incredible array of people who made that experience possible.

Think about it the next time you sit down for a meal. Look at the spoon or fork or knife you’re using. How did it get there on that table of yours? (And how did the table get there? And the floor? And…) Contemplate for a minute or two just WHO was involved in getting that spoon to you.

Imagine the interconnected web of cooperating people who produced the raw materials, then those who shipped them to the manufacturer then those who created it (and all those who financed all that activity to begin with). Then, of course, we need to get it from the manufacturer to the store where you bought it. (Who built the trucks and boats and planes and trains that were used to ship it?)

And on and on and on and on.

It is truly STAGGERING when we see just how fortunate we are to have SO many people supporting us in EVERY moment of our lives.

We are so incredibly blessed. And it is so incredibly easy to forget how fortunate we are and just how much we depend on the love and service of others to do the most basic things in life.

Think often of the bond that unites ALL things in the universe, and their dependence on one another. How can you do that a little (a lot?) more today?!? 🙂

Here is my blog post from years back. Enjoy. I love looking back on our lives and smiling with joy at those pivitol magic moments that were turning points. I hope you enjoy it!

The Magic Trash Truck – I wrote this when living in Seattle. This was written just after an entrainment. 

I am driving on Market Street in Ballard here in Seattle. Well, not really driving, as I am waiting for my flight to Ottawa. But, the other day I had a very cool experience to share with the tribe.

I was stopped at a light and this giant trash truck was next to me – you know the big stinky garbage trucks that pick up what we “throw away” (Even though we can NEVER throw anything away – it all goes somewhere).

So I am sitting next to this truck and in a moment that lucid, liquid Awareness just began to take over.

Sounds arose and fell away; colors came and went from my eyes. And I really saw this trash truck. I mean I really saw it like I have never seen any car before.

I looked at the blinker lights. They are red, and made of plastic. Plastic is made from petroleum. A flood of connection to the earth that supplies that oil filled my heart. A flood of connection to all of the dead things millions of years ago that become the substance of what we use today. Then a flood of pain in my heart about how we kill each other for oil, for power. I flood of pain for the twisted thinking behind religious fundamentalism fueled by economic instability, greed, and corruption. A blast of compassion for all sentient beings that feel pain anywhere because of oil. A shot of gratitude for the energy of evolution that allows us to use decayed dead things deep in the earth to make things that advance society. An ocean of compassion for all of us, wherever we are at. A deep hope that we can evolve as a society to come up with new ways to produce energy that actually ensure our species’ survival.

I looked at the strong metal basin that the trash goes into. All of that metal came from the earth – in the form of Iron, Aluminum, and a bunch of other elements that I don’t know anything about. We have taken these things from the earth and turned then into a working machine that takes trash away. And yet, they are just little elements on the periodical chart that buzz and vibrate and are 90% space…and somehow in our intelligence we fashioned them into a machine. I am hit with a flood of optimism and hope – if we can take aluminum and iron from the earth and make a truck, imagine what we could do when we start caring more about the world and the kosmos that we do our own selfish interests. Wow….we could probably solve the energy crisis in a MOMENT.

I looked at the mirrors – they come from silicon – sand. I felt a connection to a dry austere desert somewhere and somehow that silicon becomes the raw materials for a reflective device that allows us to look at ourselves. Kind of Ironic, because they desert has always stood as a symbolic place to go and take a deep look within. Hmmm.

I look at the driver. A soul. A life. A mix of different parts, many vibrating and oscillating in different rhythms. I don’t think he knows that. His head is strained, his neck unbalanced. Does he know he is loved? Does he know he is connected to all life, just by sitting in the trash truck? Is he aware that he is a Soul?  Maybe he is, in any event, I just love him from my car and see his Soul. I see all of his different parts – some hurt, some sad, some hopeful, some happy, and I love all of them. He is Buddha. He is Jesus. He is the I AM.

Then I smell the trash. The stuff we don’t eat, that we don’t want, that we throw away…the stuff that goes into the ocean and the land and becomes the burden of the earth. The earth has given so much – EVERYTHING, and we just throw the used portions back with little awareness of what we affect. Indignation rises up towards others who just don’t care. And then I see pretty clearly that I sometimes don’t care and don’t think. Another flood of compassion. There is connection to the farms that sowed the foods, to the connection of all the people across the globe that created that stuff that is being thrown away.

The matrix of interconnection was sitting next to me in all her smelly, metallic glory. My connection to all life that has ever lived, that is living, my connection to all the suffering of the planet, my connection to the Infinite source of Energy and Life. And yet we think we are alone? We can actually believe for a second there is lack? That trash truck was just a microcosm of the all. A mini hologram of the vast interconnected matrix of Life.

Scientists say 90% of the universe is simply empty space. That empty space pulsates with the stuff of God – Love and it is constantly creating Itself anew every moment. Heaven is right here – new life is waiting to Burst Forth.  This space between all things is the Life within you, dying to be free, to be seen to connect.

We live in an incomprehensible universe, and I think I maybe got a small glimpse of the interconnected matrix today, in the form of the truck. The universe, according to astrophysicists is approximately 94 Billion light-years in diameter. Wow. This universe expands every day by the forces of “dark matter”. There are billions and billions of galaxies. Stop for a second – we are a solar system in one galaxy. So, let this blow you into awe: billions of billions of galaxies and each of those galaxies hold billions of solar systems.  We are one planet in one solar system. Each solar system has uncountable planets.

As I write this, I am filled with connection and love to each of you who read this and to all Life everywhere.

Thank you trash truck. Thank you. You brought me ecstasy. You brought me rapture. You brought me connection. Who would have thought?

I bow deeply to all of you, to the Buddha looking at your computer screen. To your infinite potential. To our unchanging connection. To the vastness of creation.

Albert Einstein said it perfectly when we wrote: “The most beautiful and most profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead.”


Lynn, Sienna, our whole staff, and myself send you much love on this memorial day weekend. May you all be blessed, filled with loving kindness, healthy, happy, whole, and rested.

Our next event at NWCC is June 4 – a workshop on Stages 10,11, and 12 of the twelve stages of healing. If you are in town, even if its been a while since we have seen you, I invite you to join us for a special evening of deeply experiencing for yourself EXACTLY what these two blogs are talking about. Such simple, powerful tools, so much awakening, so much Joy. Brooks Haislip and I (I am 94.6% sure) will be leading this together. Its a beautiful practice to go so deep into deep, bone deep, joy and connection.

Much Love  –

Dr. Matt Lyon


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