Hey everyone!

I spoke at a great conference this weekend called Shift Charlotte. I had a blast, met some amazing folks, and gave two workshops to soul’d out crowds (spelling intended). I’ll be sharing bits of the talk with you over the next couple of weeks by video. This little 3 minute video is on mastery. Its on commitment. Its on the risks of dabbling. Its about stepping up 100% in your life. Below will be some brief comments to take it further.

The truth is, there are so few masters nowadays in any area of life simply because we are a culture that is addicted to climaxes, instant fixes, peak experiences, and we are culturally severely deficit of sustained focus and attention. As Michael Beckwith describes, this unfortunately creates a cult of mediocrity. And I KNOW that is not what you dreamt of when you were a radiant, luminous little kid. No, you are worth more, and you are WIRED for so so so much more.

The challenge is that every deep and authentic journey is going to have its moments of excitement, novelty, wonder, and buzz. IT ALWAYS WEARS OFF. Most people then think its not working and move onto the next thing, not knowing that this is when the real depth of learning and growth is happening. In this plateau you are priming your internal pipes to contain and channel higher and higher levels of energy. In this place you are doing your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual push ups so that you can live on your passionate, inspired edge.

The plateaus are awesome. Love them. When you really commit to something – whether it is the magical journey of Network Care + The 12 Stages of Healing with me, or some other deep and authentic practice, you will go through peaks and valleys. Expect it. There will be magical moments and boring moments. There will be sexy novelty and there will be mundane monotony. This is the principle of process that the entire Universe works through. This is how the radiant Organizing Principle within you changes you and prunes your dead branches.

Whats great about deep practice and real commitment is that as you dive deeper and stick with it, you will come face to face with your own inertia and resistance. You’ll see the hidden boogie men and women in your mind that sabotage you from creating real success, true health, and deep abiding joy. We try to “cure ourselves” of that inertia by more and more stimulation, more and more new stuff, expensive gadgets, new apps, and fresh experiences. Yet every time we do that, we are just skimming the surface. Its like going to a giant buffet and taking a piece of everything. On your plate it turns to a soupy mush and you cant really tell what is what. You woof it down, trying to satisfy the pangs of hunger, and yet you end up with indigestion and malnourishment. Eventually we end up with spiritual constipation.

When you dig deep and commit, eventually you’ll tap the water source – that living well of boundless energy within. You will do deep healing that is complete and thorough. And, the deeper you go, the higher you can fly. Then your peak experiences get better and better. Best yet, you can enjoy them when they come, and relax when they go knowing you are right where you are supposed to be. This work prunes your brain for peak function and clips neural patterns that no longer work while building amazing strategies in your body and brain that work – really work. You wont cross the finish line. Rather, you’ll be so in love with the process that you stop caring. You are just living. And as you live¬†passionately¬†on your edge for something bigger than your personal whiney self, you’ll recognize that you came home. You are happy. No, you are JOYFUL. And you own it. Now you can give it. You are a bonfire in the darkness.

In the end there is one single requirement – that you want to live your full life more than anything else. You want true well-being more than anything else. You want joy more than anything else. You want an Absolute connection to what is Real more than anything else. That sets your aim. Then you decide. Then you take massive action. The course constantly self-corrects because there is a much Bigger Hand guiding you and running the show. You can relax, totally let go, and surrender. Just keep working your butt off. Nice paradox. See you on the edge.

Much love,

Dr. Matt Lyon

Charlotte, NC Chiropractor and Evolutionary Soul Coach


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