Walking the Path of Mastery in Yoga, Healing and Life

Yoga, like any deep and authentic practice is really about our life. Its not so much about how flexible or inflexible you are. Its not about what style you practice (although some deeper traditions will cultivate this approach of mastery and others will not), nor is it about perfection. Like all meaningful things in life it is a practice. George Leonard, who was an Aikido Mastery and a grandfather of the Human Potential movement wrote, “the master is the one who stays on the path day after day, year after year. The master is one who is willing to try and fail, and try again, for as long as he or she lives.”

Ultimately, the real priceless value is how it helps us integrate our life on every level off the mat. Yoga is rich with deep wisdom about the nature of mind, thought, emotion, the body, and spiritual awakening. Yet, unless these are lived “out there” and “off the mat” it has not become the masters path. And this is what, I believe we are all innately want: deeper connection, greater peace, the ability to transcend stress and circumstance, to make profound contribution to others, and to deeply experience love + community. All of this yoga offers when practiced as a path of mastery. Anything you do with heartfelt presence and commitment to mastery produces this.

When I was 16, I began intensely practicing meditation under the tutelage of a modern Zen Master. She told me the secret was to “practice, practice, practice”. I wanted more – some formula that could lead me to the peace and enlightenment I sought. Everything I was looking for was inherent in the process. Same idea with yoga – right here in Charlotte, right on the mat below your feet. Another of my teachers, Lama Surya Das, said on a retreat I was on with him – “Be on the spot, on the dot”. It is that merging point between between being playful and intentionally present. This creates massive power for transformation.

For that matter, the same applies to the path of your own personal healing. St. Thomas Aquinas said that a life devoted to healing is a good life. So become a master of your own healing. The formula for happiness is simple: Constant, never ending growth and soulful contribution to something much bigger than yourself. To do this effectively – day by day, on the spot, on the dot, requires an adoption of the masters path. Wow – how cool is that, your happiness lies in becoming masterful at your life.

Showing up is 80%. So show up. And commit to becoming a master and in doing so you awaken the sleeping giant within your own heart, the lotus awaiting to unfold and blossom. This is what a heartfelt practice of yoga is all about. This is what a heartfelt practice like Network Spinal Analysis is all about.

BY the way, I just came home from a yoga class. It was really hard. I wanted to quit several times. It was so hot. But I stayed with it, as I knew I wanted to write about the masters path. And that is where the rubber meets the road, or in this case, where my feet hit the mat.

“For the master, the rewards gained along the journey are fine, but they are not the main reason for the journey. Ultimately the master and the masters path are one.”

About Dr. Lyon: Dr. Lyon is a local Charlotte mind-body health wellness expert. Dr. Lyon has been practicing daily meditation for two decades and began teaching meditation to others at the age of 16. Using the principles he teaches, Dr. Lyon has helped clients in the United States and Europe to transform and awaken to a more meaningful, heathy and purposeful lives. He delivers workshops in the US and Europe.

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