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So, I had a great question from a patient. If I do yoga all the time, should I still get my spine checked and cleared of interference and stress?

I LOVED the question.

Yoga is an amazing tool. I know it well and have been practicing aspects of yoga for nearly 20 years. I have taught yoga. I have lived its principles, and still do. It is an incredible resources to help you feel great, heal yourself, and bring more of who you are into the world.

Yoga has many aspects – and some of those include the physical postures that we think of when we think of yoga. These postures are wonderful to stretch our muscles, connective tissue, ligaments, joints, and minds. Yoga provides a tremendous way to dramatically improve our breathing capacity which has tremendous spillover effects into our health and life. Like any physical activity, yoga does come with wear and tear on the body. Yoga is probably my number one recommendation for a health and exercise regiment that improves strength, increases flexibility, and builds stamina WHILE dramatically reducing the effects of stress on our bodies. There is a TON of good research on this.

Having said all of that, I have worked with LOTS of yogis who have injured themselves during their practice. Furthermore, I have worked with many a souls who simply cannot fully engage in a yoga practice because there has been so much damage over a lifetime to their bodies and spines. Before they can even safely enter into yoga, many of these folks need to experience healing in their spines and a healing of the damage done before they can safely engage in a yoga practice.

Now, here is the beauty of vitalistic chiropractic and vitalistic yoga = the benefits never stop. As we continue our yoga practices, we should stick with it week in, week out. There is no cieling on how far you can go with it and the dramatic effects it can have on your life.

The same goes for keeping a clear spine free from interference. The nervous system is the master controller that controls *everything* in our bodies. When our spines are clear we can heal pain, transform stress, and experience more clarity, vitality, energy, focus, gratitude, and purpose. We connect easily with ourselves and others and naturally feel ourselves flowing with life, rather than against it. Who would not want more flexibility, ease, grace, connection, and focus in life? The answer is obvious – if you are even remotely sane, you would want a whole lot more that goodness. So, keep your spine clear and have it checked by a vitalistic chiropractor to see where you can grow and improve and heal. The benefits are awesome.As our spines stay clear, our yoga improves and as our yoga improves we need less and less spine care. We get healthy and STAY healthy for a lifetime.

Real wellness and health are all about feeling empowered. You WANT to feel in charge of your health and you want to feel you can access resources inside of you whenever you need to feel great, break through personal barriers and to live your dream life. The combination of yoga and viatlistic chiropractic are amazing at creating empowerment from within.

Yoga and chiropractic share a beautiful philosophy. Health, radiance, and vitality come from “Above, Down and Insid, Out” What that means is that the health and vitality we seek comes form inside of us and through our connection to Source. These to wellness applications are the most efficient and fastest route to an empowered, clear, healthy, and happy body and mind.

We likely need to go through a period of clearing and healing, but with sweet practices like yoga, we can keep getting better and better and better all the time.

Here’s to your health and your personal empowerment.


Dr. Matt Lyon

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