Hi Friends:

I got an email from a physiotherapist this morning, reminding me its “National Posture Month.” “Cool,” I thought as I love that awareness of posture and health is becoming more ubiquitous.

The blog went on to talk about how Posture is related to your emotional and physical health.

I totally agree.

Posture is STRONGLY correlated to many aspects of health – from your joints, to your heart, your lungs, and your immune system. Where I think the research gets really cool is that posture is a window into our emotional life.

I am very convinced after years of study and culling as much research that I can that along with healthy moving and healthy eating, energetic balance, emotions and our sense of mental well-being are the GREATEST drivers of health and positive genetic expression.

I kept reading. It said that to create an optimal posture, you need to squeeze your butt cheeks, tuck your pelvis (think a dog tucking its tail), throw your shoulders back and lift your head high. I love the intent of the blog, but that could not be further from the truth.

First, that is simply not good posture – that’s called being a tighta%^ and working too hard and doing things with your amazing body that don’t resonate at all with our primal wiring. Sorry Barre converts and butt tucking adherants, but it just ain’t so. It also places the emphasis on healing posture where it cannot be found – from the outside in. As my dear friend and trainer Kate Murphy says, “No one ever wrote a song about a small a$%.” Or  tucked one at that.

The major drivers of posture are our inner life – what we believe, our moods, our thoughts, our character, our positions in life, our fears, and our need to be “somebody”. Your posture in life is generally your posture in your body.

For some super juicy scientific data on these see Amy Cuddy’s (from Harvard) work.

Also important are our overall fitness level, our diet, and the types of body positions we adopt all day long. However, our “energetic” well being in the form of coherent thoughts, emotions, and clarity drives a clear, healthy supple strong and soft posture.

Matter conforms to energy, it happens no other way. Posture is part of that. Every thought you think, every emotion you feel (and don’t feel), all of your experiences, and your honor code are stored like a catalog in your posture and your body.

I want to say that again – INTEGRITY TO YOUR OWN HONOR CODE IS ENCODED INTO YOUR CELLS AND TISSUES. Every choice and decision we make has an energetic effect. That effect goes one of two ways – it builds us up, or it brings us down. Because what is in the part is in the whole, every decision and choice we make has an effect “out there” in the world as well. Form my own experience as a mystic, meditator, and student of quantum physics, I no longer believe that there is an “out there”. Its all connected. “Energy is the Sole governing agent of matter” said Einstein.

If you read my last post I talked about how our unfinished business, i.e. our incomplete emotional experiences, traumas, and hurts, is the #1 driver of health. Again, for a very profound and scientific view on the subject I highly recommend Gabor Mate’s book, When the Body Says No. Emotions Buried Alive Never Die is another great book on the subject.

All of this applies to posture. Hands down. Every time.

I see many clients and I always do a posture study. More importantly I do a deep analysis of WHO THEY ARE and WHAT THEY HAVE LIVED THROUGH and WHAT THEY BELIEVE about their illness and pain.

I have worked with thousands of clients and it is radically clear to me that we wear our past in our posture. Posture is a material expression of the unseen energies of their deepest self. Further, to create and engender healing, one has to then do the deep and hard work of transforming said energy. This, in turns, transforms posture. Sure, fitness and some exercise can “correct” it, but if we just correct posture without transforming and upgrading the inner energetic and emotional landscape, the challenges, problems, pains, and hurts generally just move to another location or hang on another “issue”.

Our unhealed and unconscious past weaves our posture. Our posture is a material resonance of how we feel we have to be in this world to feel enough, to feel loved. Our biography becomes our biology. Our “pre-tense” becomes our tense posture. A tense posture is simply a mirror of buried tension inside our minds – of a choice for fear. Tension is a manifestation of our pre-tense. The tension we often feel as we try to be anything other than what we are. Tension is manifestation of holding back the Miracle of being ourselves, and of closing off to divine guidance.

As we get older, especially into our 30s, 40s, and 50s, we realize that no matter what outside solutions we use to try to quell the stormy seas within, nothing really works except discovering and living the truth. Only the truth is true, and it is the only thing that sets us free.

I see day in and day out the transformative power of healing our deepest selves, doing the hard work, and loving and accepting ourselves just as we are. Moreover I see that Grace is the ultimate healer which vastly transcends the latest healing fads, trends, gimmicks, and spectacles. Humility is what knocks on the door. Grace opens that door. Love carries it through.

I no longer believe that long chiropractic or physiotherapeutic programs to “correct” posture really get to the heart of things. It may sell products and programs, but the answer always lies within. Always. I love the power of chiropractic and other hands on healing approaches for what they can open within us energetically, and THAT can fundamentally alter life in an amazing way.

So, we relax. We love. We breathe. We open. We tell the truth. We get real. We love some more. We ask for humility. No spectacles needed. As Dorothy heard at the end of her journey, “It was within you all along.”

It’s a wise thing to be wary of spectacles, especially in healing, spirituality, health and “energy work”.

Stand tall, friends.

Join me June 3rd at Be Yoga for a Didgeridoo meditation – deep breathing (that transforms posture) and deep restful meditation (that transforms posture). See their website for details. http://beyogasouth.com/wordpress/events-be-yoga-charlotte-south/

Also, We have a beautiful urban retreat happening here July 8 where we’ll spend a full day diving into the core of our work and assisting you to awaken the dormant forces of your divine destiny. We have about 5 spots left, so if you are interested let us know. We extended the early pricing to the end of this month – $199. Killer deal for an exceptional day.

I love you. Stand tall in your gentle power. Decide to be free. Its done. Go love this world. You are an anointed teacher because we all teach what we need to learn.

Dr. Matt


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