At any given moment we are either expanding or we are contracting. We are growing or we shrinking. We are in growth or we are defense.

This is pretty powerful stuff because the direction of our life, our growth, our body, and our sense of internal well-being is completely up to us. We choose.

The universe can move in 2 directions: 1) enthalpy – it is growing, expanding, evolving, and moving outwards; or 2) Entropy – it shrinks, contracts, and moves backwards.

Abraham Maslow, the great psychologist who studied “self- actualizing people” stated that in any given moment we have 2 options – we can step forward into growth or we can retreat into safety. As you might imagine, self-actualizing people play full out choosing growth, healing, enthalpy, and that which may at first not seem safe but adds the greatest value to their life and to the world.

Robert Cooper, PhD writes in his book the other 90% about the research biologist Albert Szent-Gyoergyi. Old Albert was a smart dude – in fact he won TWO Nobel Prizes. He basically said defined Syntropy as the “innate desire and drive in all living matter to perfect itself. As Cooper says, “Every moment of our lives we are growing or dying – and it is largely a choice, not fate. Throughout its life cycle everyone of the body’s trillions of cells is driven to grow and improve its ability to use more of its innate YET UNTAPPED capacity…It turns conventional thinking upside down. As living cells- or as people – there is no staying the same. If we aim for the middle ground or for the status-quo its an illusion -beneath the surface whats happening is that we are actually dying, not growing. And the goal of a lifetime is continued growth, not adulthood.”

That is completely awesome. First it does indeed turn conventional thinking upside down, which I am always a fan of. Second, it is super empowering. One of the hallmark of the greatest sages, saints, and contributors to human kind is that they took 100% responsibility for everything in their life – 100%. And this basically says if we do that and CHOOSE growth, we can continually be growing, expanding, and evolving. We are a microcosm of the continued expansion and evolution of the cosmos.

If that is too esoteric for you, this basically states that our happiness and our ability to make a life of deep meaning and leave a living legacy for future generations means we have to choose to grow each day, every moment.

My spiritual teacher from India, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said once that the spiritual journey requires 2 things: 1) Authenticity and Intensity. Will you be intensely present, in this moment and consciously choose growth? Will you be fully authentic and take 100% responsibility. We may experience all kinds of challenges in our life, but I assure you this creates fertile ground for a life of celebration.

Network Spinal Analysis is so powerful because it basically fast tracks the growth and evolution of the human nervous system. It basically cranks up the wattage of the human nervous system and accesses the most evolved parts of our brain – the places in our body where this growth occurs effortlessly. No wonder why our research unequivocally showed that long term Network care improved happiness, quality of life, joy, relationships, and a deep internal feeling of well being. These are the “spill-over” effects of a nervous system hard wired to be in growth – to be SYNTROPY!

And this applies to anything in life. I had voices in me writing this article saying – “don’t write this. Who are you to write this?” So I had a choice. Do I retreat to what is safe and play small or do I choose to move into what is uncomfortable and choose growth? Its one thing to want to write a book yet every time you get to your blog you choke. Its a choice. I don’t need to talk about my inner child. I need to act now. I need to find that essence of Soul, that undying infinite Voice of creativity within, trust, start typing, and hit submit.

As Steve Jobs said (Apple CEO) said “Real Artists Ship.” That means that you get it done. If you have a dream you do it. We choose growth. We actually have no choice. Everything is constantly changing. Progress is what is optional.

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