Hello Charlotte Wellness Tribe!

My wife and I just had a wonderful time at the Myers Park Baptist Church where we were so touched by not only the service but the amazing COMMUNITY that gathered afterwards. There were so many wonderful outreach programs and I was very happy to connect with their environmental outreach group, the AIDS support group, and Lakewood Community.

As newbies to Charlotte who have come to provide our Network Chiropractic and Integral Acupuncture to this community, our souls are fed by meeting fellow travelers focused on serving and healing. And what is so great is that the church is so open, progressive, and accepting of everyone. They even haveĀ  Buddhist meditation before the service! Wow, the times have changed. Love it!

On a final note, the Reverend Shoemaker, as he was walking out, said some remarkable things – the thing that caught me was to be open to Grace to RISK GREAT THINGS FOR GREAT GOOD. That went straight to my heart as new business owners here in Charlotte. Then he said something to the effect of “Life is to Great for ANYTHING BUT LOVE.” How Beautiful is that?

So, obviously, this is not a typical “wellness” post. And yet this is what Radical Wellness is all about – your heart, body, mind, soul, community, and planet.

May our new Network Chiropractic and acupuncture clinic here in Charlotte serve you on all levels.


Dr. Matt

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