Hello friends:

First, I want to wish all of you a heartfelt, happy, and prosperous new year. All of us at NWCC, including our newest team member, Michael Ethan, wish you a super rich energy year.

One of my mentors was saying that we work in 9 year cycles. I had always heard the wisdom of 7 year cycles. The 9 years is new to me, yet it made a world of sense. I am not a numerologist but her explanation of how last year was a “9” year made so much sense: major challenges, major obstacles, major closure, endings, major life lessons, and the transformation of the known structures both personally and globally. That rang wildly true for me, and as I see it, the world.

She explained that this new year is a “1” year – meaning, that this is a new year of new beginnings, new energy, and brand new, undreamed of possibilities. To that I say a resounding YES.

I was in awe and heartfelt celebration watching millions of people around the globe stand, walk, and march in a coherent energy rich field for the good of all beings. Even though things seem so uncertain right now, we cannot deny there is a new possibility and a new call to wake up that is a new emerging energy.

Recently there was a lot of chatter in the political arena about “Alternative truth”. I won’t take this blog to talk directly about the politics of that, but I do want to focus in on helping you make 2017 an amazing year – emotionally, relationally, physically, spiritually, and financially.

One of the ways we massive block, sabotage, and derail ourselves is believing our own “alternative truths” – the lies we make up about ourselves, whats possible, how much power we have, and how many resources we have access to. We make up alternative truths that veer and stray from our deepest values. We believe awful things our minds make up about ourselves, and others. I am not enough. I am not beautiful. I can’t get this done. Why bother setting goals this year, look at how last year went. I am alone.

We also believe our alternative truths about others, which we do not investigate and question. These alternative facts are toxic and corrosive. We covet and nourish judgements and grievances we hold, not seeing they are robing our energetic bank account. These “alternative truths” about others and the past literally destroy our health, our creativity, and our capacity for happiness now.

We create alternative truths when we set goals for ourselves, congruent with our soul and our values, and then we don’t follow through or ask for help. When fear runs the show and manufactures the world we see, we, too, are creating alternative truths and living by them.

I am all about powerful activism and democratic change. However, the most empowered agents of change are those that embody a freakishly high energy vibration because they so resonate with Truth – and every cell of their being is in accord with their Honor Code.

They have done the hard work of looking at their own “alternative facts”, questioned them, tossed them out, and chosen another way. Each day they look, assess, feel, measure, and choose. Again. and Again. There is a crystalline honesty and a crisp integrity that shines from their eyes, and their words cary power.

Often they are quietly changing the world by their mere presence in very humble circumstances. Being truth is the most powerful vehicle for change.

When we break our own internal honor code on any level, we cut our legs out from underneath us. We can tweet, Instagram, and Facebook the most poignant political messages, but if we don’t own and heal our own propensity for “alternative facts” then we are not empowered to influence real change.

It is WHO WE ARE, that determines the fruit we will bear. A vine only bears fruit when it is firmly and completely connected to the branch, and the brach to the tree.

There are 3 types of goals that I consider meaningful: 1) Energy goals – what kind and quality of energy do we want to have and give. Your energy is your main currency and from it springs all that you are, believe and do; 2) Family + Community goals – what kind of relationships do I want to have and who do I want to be in them. All life is intersubjective and relational. ; 3) Service goals – how do I plan on giving to the world, and how do my creations serve the world? We create value in our lives – whether tangible financial value or intangible emotional value -through adding massive value to others.

Alternative facts that we create, or that others create that we buy into, will suck our life force dry when it comes to rocking out the above three goal types.

There is also a science to achieving this, as well as an art to actually creating and living in real heartfelt fulfillment.

I want to help the Charlotte community be an Energy Super Rich city, and my heartfelt desire is to catalyze as many people as possible to find True Well-Being physically, emotionally, and energetically.

The fact is if you are carrying tension, stress and unresolved energy from last year, or anytime its VERY tough to heal, be well, and rock out your goals this year. If we are walking around with unfinished business in our body, brain, energy field, or life, it is a “weight” that creates “wait”. In other words, your unfinished business and unresolved stress is holding you back. In a major way. It is my intent and desire to lovingly and powerfully help you catalyze major change and huge gains in your life, on every level.

To that end, I am inviting you to join me for my talk this Friday, February 3rd at 6:30pm where I will be transmitting and teaching on the powerful work of Reorganizational Healing, how to use it, and how to reliably and scientifically heal your body, emotions, brain, and energy. I have literally taken thousands of people through this process, and each year it gets more rich and exciting.

To register: https://goo.gl/forms/ANHTMBA68K0NCkN42

This is an open invitation for everyone – whether you are new to our center, a current client, or a person we have not seen in a while – come. We’ll love you up and I give you my commitment and intention – you’ll leave more energy rich than when you arrived.

To register, its easy, and free. Simply go to this link and let us know you are coming. Feel free to bring guests and friends. We can only do this together. Link: https://goo.gl/forms/ANHTMBA68K0NCkN42

When you come, you’ll receive several guided meditations to take home with you ($99 value). In addition, you’ll receive a powerful catalyst and energy rich opportunity: a $150 gift certificate towards a 90 minute meeting with me.

I am rooting for you, and marching with in you in our personal and collective journeys towards health, vibrance, connection, peace, and awakening. I would really love to see you Friday February 3rd.


Dr. Matt Lyon

PPS – I am leading and hosting a live didgeridoo meditation this Saturday at Be Yoga Carmel. If you’d like to come its at 12:30, this Saturday January 28. Here is the link to register:


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