What if you only had 6 months to Live?

Its a big, big, big question.

What if you knew you only 6 months left to live?

How would you live? How would you love? What would matter? Would our current preoccupations matter? What would we change? Would you be staring at that phone?

We are all “terminal”. These bodies all have an expiration date, yet we live as if we have a million years and we live, all to often, as if God, Love, is absent. The one permanent is that nothing is permanent. Yet, love endures and there is something so sacred about each of us that extends and soars long beyond this life. Don’t take my word for it, I am only speaking from my experience. I am not a preacher or a theologian. I just walk with people in life and do my best to help them find that Special Spark inside them. Find out for your self. Don’t wait.

So, what if we got that news? What would we do with it?

In our relationships, how would we love? What needs to be repaired? What amends do we need to make? What needs to be forgiven? How would we look our kids in the eye? How would we treat the waiter at the restaurant? How would we help others feel loved? Is there any shame in our life that needs to be brought to the healing waters of forgiveness and redemption?

In our life, we over focus on stuff that doesn’t matter. Then, we don’t pay enough attention to what matters the most. What is most important to you, really, in your life? What is most true to your heart? Would you keep the same job? Would you keep saying yes, when you mean no? Would say no when you want to scream YES!? How would bravery, courage and grit show up in your life? Would you let yourself drop the masks? Would you let yourself feel vulnerable? Would you say YES to a  journey on the most magical, wild, and exotic trip of all: the journey to an authentic life?

Sure, pay your bills, but don’t ever rob your spirit to do so. Don’t ignore that beautiful little kid inside you one more day.

We’ve all been spinning our wheels to make everything certain, and it just doesn’t work that way. The only certainty is uncertainty. Yet fear is 100% optional. When that fear comes in it blocks the Sun Of Love. We siphon off our joy paying mental rent to people and situations that don’t deserve it. We cut our selves off from the trust fund of Love that is our birthright. Love or fear. What is our choice?

One time, I had to go into some pretty scary medical tests. All the sudden, what was REALLY important got crystal clear. Some of my best teachers have been people who know the “end” is near, and that the “end” is another amazing beginning, a return home, a gracious and luminous transition. Looking into their eyes, I see eternity. They teach me what is Real, what is Really Important. One time I was in the hospital wondering if I was going to leave the hospital. Cleaning house in my life and loving like I could never be hurt quickly came to the foreground. None of the BS mattered.

If we knew we had 6 months to live, how would we Live? I love what Henry David Thoreau said: “I wanted to live deeply and suck out all the marrow of life.” Why wait? Lao-Tzu said that this life is like the whip of a horses tail – its here, and its gone. And yet, Something Remains. Have we given space in our lives to touch that Something of our Soul? Have we found deep and lasting meaning?

Have we had the bravery to live fully? Or have we become a cog in someone else’ machine? The only cog I’ll ever be is in God’s Machine of Love.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to quit your job. What about showing up and being a force of Love? What about your work becoming about experiencing and extending the peace of God? Everything is a front, its all a cover so Grace can keep showing Itself to us.

We can pray for miracles, which is a great thing to do, AND we can become a miracle everyday in SO MANY WAYS. Don’t wait until its too late. Lets find our stride and live like this matters. Nothing is that important , but EVERY PERSON and EVERYTHING matters. Remember  – the most important thing is: THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. Do we know what that “Thing” is?

What if your trust was without borders? What if Love had no end? What if you knew this life might end, but that the deepest most beautiful part of you would live on? What would your legacy be?

Don’t wait to live. Don’t wait until the mortgage is paid and your retirement accounts are filled and kids are done college to really live. Every moment is sacred, every moment is God’s painting in luminous scintillating detail. “Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear”. “The Kingdom of God is at Hand.” Right here in Charlotte. Right in your cubicle. Right in my chiropractic clinic. In your kids eyes. In the trees. In the cold wind wind on your face. In the wonder of a hot tea. In the sweetness of a tender hug. In the sensitivity if your tears. 

Walk with a confidence borne of your Soul, of your deepest faith in the Things unseen. Compassion, caring, courage, confidence, creativity, composure, and charity. These exude from a Life on Fire.

Some parting words:

Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani is one of my favorite books. Check it out.

I love Michael Franti. His new song Once a Day always lifts my spirit and brings me back into the Now.

If we are breathing, there is more right with us than wrong with us.

Love is all that matters.


Dr. Matt Lyon

Charlotte, NC Chiropractor

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