There is a lot of juice in this video. Enjoy.

The bottom line is that there is an Organizing Principle alive in you, around you – all the time – all ways, and always. There is ample evidence for this on many levels – scientifically and exponentially. You are alive – so very alive. Congratulations.

Yet, most people will spend the majority of their lives literally running away from what makes them most alive – challenges, pain, and uncertainty. Yet, our happiness and our ability to really be passionate forces for Good on this planet rests entirely on our capacity to say a big fat YES to the wild adventure of our lives. Our propensity to feel real aliveness and to experience the deepest healing is proportional to our courage to dive into uncertainty, to embrace our challenges (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, professional) as calls to grow up and wake up, and to make becoming our best selves the #1 priority in life. You see, this choice, this choice-less choice to live 100% the rich live awakens and hastens that organizing principle I am talking about in this video. It unleashes the floodgates of dormant freedom, goodness, healing, and reorganization with you. Will you trust that? You don’t have to trust me or anyone else – find out for yourself. Just play full out 100% in that endeavor and find out. Will you trust you? Will you trust this living organizing field of Life? I don’t mean the conditioned you, I mean that real You that is begging to come out.

When you live this authentically and consistently, it gives you CLOUT. By clout I mean it gives you real depth presence. That presence heals others and  yourself.

This organizing principle, when unleashed, expands you, evolves you, and allows your physical being to become a living embodiment of grace. And this organizing principle is way wiser than any educated mind on earth. Its way wiser than me.

When we want certainty and safety and comfort we are basically saying a “no” to our growth, to happiness. When symptoms + challenges hit – and they will – its our inner wisdom asking us to wake up, to grow up, to heal, and to go to a NEW place where we can thrive and be really free. When our decision is to say yes when we mean no, when our game is to fit in and play by the rules of our culture or to not question “conventional” wisdom, we stay small. Just like goldfish only grow as big as their bowel, so we only grow as big as we can dream and truly live. I am not saying to give that all up, I am saying to take ALL of it, let go of what you don’t need anymore and GROW. That is scary, yet its freedom. Its actually terrifying because in that courage you’ll have to face that which really scares you – the possibilities of feeling hurt we didn’t  allow our selves to feel, of feeling rejection, of not feeling enough, and having to have those sweaty moments when we stand on our own two feet for the first time and act as a warrior that is being true to herself. Yes, its scary, but once we live this and face this, nothing is really all that scary. Our fear diminishes, and we more and more quickly turn back to the YES of this moment, and this moment, and this moment.

Please, be true to yourself. Please. I promise you it wont be easy. Yes, that is a promise. I also promise that if you give yourself to that path you will experience a liberation and freedom like you have never known and at the same time a fullness of grace, love, and healing that will blow you away. And in the process, like a beautiful spring rosebush, you’ll be trimmed and pruned. Its scary for sure. But then your fragrance – that soul essence – permeates you and everything and everyone around you. Its tangible. Its radical aliveness. I have had the GREAT fortune to meet several human beings who REALLY embody this and they way energy moves through them, the way they speak, their very gaze is permeated with something very different, something every alive, and something very counter-cultural. They are happy, joyful, passionate and fierce warriors around whom amazing things happen. Its who you are, as all the greats that you look up to basically just said yes to life again and again and again and again and being real and waking up was more important to them than anything else.

And this may mean that your condition or challenge will be cured or “fixed” and the truth is it may not. But you will be healed – deep down into your bones – a healing that sets you free.

A close student and client of mine recently did exactly this and in the process she was an angel and saved someone’s life. I had worked with her in a number of settings – as a client in my Network Spinal Analysis office, as an attendee at one of my retreats,  as well as some one on one coaching work with her in front of a group. Very courageous woman who was willing to go all the way. I mentioned a book she needed to read. She read it. It was Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani. It moved her and changed her life. An acquaintance of hers was diagnosed with glioblastoma – a very aggressive and usually fatal form of brain cancer. She stepped up and followed this gut intuition to introduce this book to the person. It was scary – you never know how to be in these situations – all we can do is be real and loving. She listened to this Innate voice. She recommended the book. The person really read and went about applying it into their lives. In a big way. It began to heal this persons entire world view about who they are, the roles they have played, how they showed up in life, what was really important, and what death means. They began to ask a very different set of questions and began to awaken to this wisdom, this Organizing Principle. That was the real healing. In this case, a “miracle’ also occurred and with 3 months the cancer was gone. Does this happen all the time – No. Do I claim reading a book or coming to me or doing anything cures you? Nope. No one can claim that and I am highly dubious of anyone that makes such claims. I am saying that there is a freedom and deep healing within and if you will lean into that, trust that, and go all the way with it no matter what happens it will be amazing, scary, wonderful, passionate, and heart opening. You’ll be whole.

My student was a perfect example of what it means to become a candle in the darkness. We are all doctors and healers and priests and priestesses and friends and brothers and sisters. I bow to her grace. Its the same energy within all of us.

You’ll get to be who you are. And there is simply no greater healing. There is no greater opportunity. Your friends, family, and world deserve that from you.

Here’s to your life. l’chaim. Blessed be. Our Jamaica retreat is open for registration (this is done by a lottery), so if you are interested let me know ASAP. We go from July 31 – August 4th. Its a LIFE ALTERING, joyful, amazing experience. Not only will you make massive personal breakthroughs, you get to do it in paradise, far from the tourist traps. Ya Mon!


Dr. Matt Lyon


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