1500 Reasons to Believe in Love

Did you know that there are are about 1,500 scientific studies that let us know that prayer, intention, and connection absolutely heal? Studies at Duke University showed that prayer helped speed post heart surgery recovery. Studies show that group prayer and intention for burn victims absolutely speeded the healing process.

There are so many clues we are getting that we are so much more than we imagine our selves to be. Prayer, intention, and action can change your life. By extension, the power of prayer, intent, and action can change this broken world. Dive in with me, this is really exciting.

Before I dive in , I want to say that at the bottom of this blog, we want to invite anyone reading this to send us your prayer and intention requests. In my office I have set up a 24 hour prayer altar. We are praying for you, for this world, 24 hours per day in an Energy Super Rich way. We’d love to help you in any way we can to turn your life around.

You are not only connected to an infinitely vast Field of Intelligence, you are part of IT. “It” is, by its very nature, Intelligent. Life, our lives, no matter what they look like, are the outer expressions of this immense field of Intelligent Organizing Kindness. This means everything – stay with me. I want to make this so real and practical for you. I want you to have energy to make a change in your life.

Atheists can sneer at spirituality all they like, but they can’t assume science is on their side. There is simply no evidence to suggest we live in a chaotic universe of reductionistic nothingness.

There is so much beautiful evidence to suggest we live and move and have our being in a Universe wholly and inextricably run by an Organizing Intelligence.

Real World Take-away: there is more Love, Intelligence, Energy, and Power available to us than we could ever dream of.

Its a good day. Go give hope and encouragement.

My blog could stop right there, as that is all I really have to say. Lets have some fun, though, and dive a little deeper.

Here is what is so exciting: You are beautiful, you are whole, and you are literally a wave on an Infinitely beautiful and Intelligent ocean. YOU are a superconductor of an infinite field of Intelligence. No mater the shape of your life, no matter what seeming imperfections exist, you are still undeniably part of the whole. We can never be alone, and we can never be separate from our Source.

We can choose to believe we are separate, we can take all sorts of life-denying actions, we can wrap our hearts in shame and isolation, but in truth you can’t separate air from the atmosphere. You can’t separate from what you are made of. Even if you take a pitcher of water from the ocean and set it aside, it will still make its way home. It will evaporate, become a cloud, which becomes rain, which in some way will make it back to the ocean. You are blessed, and you can’t get out of it.

Check this mind blowing fact: In one second, particles (you, everything “physical”) bounce in and out of quantum wave forms 8 times. 8 times per second you are re-attuning to Spirit. WOW!! You are not solid, your thoughts are not solid, these bodies are not solid. As a result, anything is possible, EVERYTHING is possible. Pain and suffering show up in our perception when we think things are solid. Nothing is solid. Nothing is permanent. You can get through it. On the other side is a whole new life.

Our thoughts are our electrical reality, and our emotions are the pulsing magnetic field in and around us. Merge these two “energies” and, voila, you have the electromagnetic field of a person interacting with the electromagnetic “fields” of energy that surround us, inform us, make us. Have you ever been inspired and happy just being around certain people? You can feel that energy. Its beautiful. Have you ever been around people and you feel awful, heavy, drained? Some of them are running for president right now.

Like always resonates with like. The more that emotion and thought are unified and rocking in a beautiful symphony of integrity, nobility, truth, love, appreciation, gratitude, courage, and vision, the more we align with and draw those same energies into our life experience. THe more we do that, the more we load our emotions with positivity and and our mind with clear intent, they more we mold our brains to reflect that neural operating system. Thus, we make different choices, we focus in positive directions, and we remake our lives, we re-organize our life experience. We re-pattern  our nervous system, our identity, and our emotional operating system. We become the true ordained authors of our life. We reclaim our Divine authority to consciously choose love over fear. This is so very healing for you  – physically, emotionally, mentally and spirituality. And there is no limit to how you can help others when you OWN this.

Then, We get to consciously choose to contribute to this world. The highest vibrations of energy that change your life are always about Giving, Loving, and Appreciation. The beautiful energies build bridges to each other and for each other. The never build walls.

When you feel discouraged, encourage. When you feel disheartened, help heal someone else’s heart. It transforms your perceived pain into energy in motion. Your emotional pain is simply untapped fuel cells ready to rocket you. Life is working for you. Remember, nothing is solid. 8 times per second you are re-attuning to Spirit.

Like solar fuel cells taking sunlight energy and converting them into usable energy for life, your emotional fuel cells serve the same purpose. You think that your mass of tension and stress is something to get rid of. Oh no. It is nuclear super fuel to take your life to a whole new level. The sun of your emotional fuel cells is your attention (your mind) and intention (your heart and emotions). Its entirely up to you where you shine that light. Do it consciously and you become a living God-particle machine.

The Divine LOVES coming into situations that seem hopeless, wholly disheveled, and totally crazy. Look at Mother Theresa – the toughest spots on earth with the forgotten ones. Love loves. No one is exempt from that, and everyone is welcome. Black. White. Yellow. Republican. Democrat. Gay. Straight. Transgendered. Agnostic. Christian. Yogi. Muslim. Broken. Together. You are welcome at the table. You’ve never been your past, unless you make it so. 8 times per second you can begin again. Totally fresh. Totally new.

Your brain is NOT a static organ where your thinking happens and your identity is concretized. You are not doomed to be a victim of your past. You are never handcuffed by your past mistakes, your past hurts, or your past traumas. Of course, we can stay in prison as long as we want. However that door is open, and Love is calling you out.

Here is what I believe, if you were BLESSED to have an exceptionally challenging past, I see you as a person that must have been so courageous to choose such a noble, heroic path. And I see a person who is pre-loaded withe energy of Grace that can help set others free, can bring a smile to faces, and can inspire global change.

Your brain, and by extension your spinal cord, are the superconductors of the Field of Innate Intelligence. It is the vibrational satellite station. How amazing is that? We truly can be the change we want to see in the world in this very body, starting now.

This is why I love Network Spinal Analysis. Every time I work with a person, I get to connect the energy that makes worlds. Every time I work with a person I may appear to be interfacing with their spine, but what I am really doing is acting as a muse to their “soul-stuff” – seeing them simultaneously as who they are right now with compassion WHILE ALSO seeing them as better than they are – Who They Are Called to be.  Change the way you look at anyone and you start to catalyze a little miracle.

I don’t care about using these “technologies” to manifest a mercedes or create a 7 figure passive- income sitting on my ass eating Cheetos. I care about this world finding a new way to live, love, sustain, and grow. I care about people who feel alone and isolated and in pain finding a new energy and then helping others. I care about someone who has carried guilt and shame finding healing mercy. I care about abandoned and abused children. I want to use these technologies of consciousness to empower activists to end Human Trafficking. I care about YOU – I care about everyone remembering their fundamental wholeness. None of us are free until all of us are free. We are all members of One Body. Its time to come Home. You actually never left. Open your eyes – your real eyes – that you may realize.

Understanding and living the phenomenally beautiful truth of how truly potent you are by virtue of your human membership expands the sphere of meaning of life, it enhances and optimizes physiology, and attenuates our focus in a wholly empowering and life-giving way.

Lets talk Nelson Mandela. He was in prison for 27 years. How many of us have a bad day, a bad week, or a tough few months and we are petulant, annoying, and childish bags of complaining and fear gremlins. 27 years!!! The first 10 years, he was utterly focused on the “fact” that he would never get out of jail. He was focused on the injustice of Apartheid. Then, something shifted. As a Voice spoke to him, he began to imagine that he could get out. His focus, his attention, and his intention shifted. His thought (electric) and his emotion (magnetic) began to shift.

He had the idea that he could start writing letters to American politicians and educate them on Apartheid. He did that every week for years. Then he had the knowing he would get out of prison. A new message emerged, “Who will lead a new South Africa?” I believe a cadre of angels stands next to all of us, and our clearest thoughts come from them. Angels are simply Thoughts of God….see them or talk to them how you wish, but they are the harmonic and coherent wave forms of Love. And they are always trying to get through to us. No matter where we are at, we can turn this life around.

Back to Madiba (his tribal name): He then started to BELIEVE that he could lead the nation. He then endeavored to BECOME the person that could lead the country…before it actually happened. Do you think he had certainty? A clear voice from God laying it all out? Not at all. He had  two things: 1) The moment to moment Guidance he needed to turn it around;  2) the COURAGE to step up, walk forward, and act as the miracle. Thus, he was the conduit for healing, he became the miracle. I get chills writing this. Love will always win in the end. The end, and the beginning, are the same thing at the quantum level. We can do the same thing, every day.

We have got to snip those circuits of the past and of the ego’s addiction to trying to predict the future to feel safe. We have to give up the insane and heart crushing attempts to create a better past. Its not going to happen. It doesn’t work. It keeps us miserable. Certainty does not exist, ever. When we are alive, when we Know Who We Are, we relish in uncertainty and we thrive as we love, give, and grow.

Whatever you are going through, I promise you,  you can turn it around. It takes work and commitment but you can so do this. The moment you slip into this River of Life and stop fighting it, your life instantly changes. It won’t be perfect (ever), but, as you’ll see, everything starts to change. Everything begins to turn around. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, miracles manifest. Remember, when we are dialed in we’ll always get the guidance we need, on a “need-to-know” basis. When we attune our emotions (magnetic) and our thoughts (electric) to COURAGE and start acting from that, everything changes.

1,500 scientific studies can satisfy your squirrel brain that you are whole, you are never alone, and Life is working for you. Step into the river, I will be right there with you. There are more than a million ways your life can go really, really well.

The “technologies of transformation” at NWCC are 100% in line with this new understanding and science of consciousness. Through our leading edge chiropractic work, called Network Spinal Analysis, and our transformational “breathwork” called SomatoRespiratory Integration, we equip you with the tools to heal your body, mend your mind, and step into your life – FULLY. We’ll walk with you every step of the way. If you are a fit for our work, we’ll help your turn your life around.

A month ago our work was in such demand we had a waiting list until June. We’ve made some changes and its never been easier or simpler to work with us. Just give us a call. We’d love to be there for you.

If you have a prayer request or intention, please let us know by responding in the blog form below. 24 hours of positive prayer and support if you would like it. You are never alone.


Dr. Matt

PS you can also join a free 6 week course geared at getting you inline with these powerful principles by going to http://forms.aweber.com/form/03/1392136703.htm.

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