Hey hey friends:

Happy Monday!

First, sending lots of love and support. Before I sat (actually I stand at my desk) to write this, I prayed a beautiful prayer from A Course in Miracles:

Where Would You have me go? What would You have me do? What would You have me say, and to whom? I am here only to be truly helpful. I am here to represent Him who sent me. I am content to be wherever He wishes, knowing He goes there with me. I never have to worry about what to say, or what to do, for He will direct me.”

I visualize and see pure positive energy coming through the words on this page, the pixels on your screen and that together we become healthier, happier, and more turned on and tapped in agents of joy and change in this world.

Prayer and intention change everything and anything. Never give up knocking. Keep knocking, I promise even when it seems fruitless, you will be answered and are being answered.

Second, how are you doing with your OTM’s? You moving every 20-30 minutes? Remember, its consistency over intensity, so just doing some micro movements and micro workouts through the day is so helpful. How are you doing with OTLs – opportunities to love? Are you practicing 3 encounters with “positivity resonance” each day?

Little is mighty when Love gets in it, so practice, practice, practice. There is simply no way you wont become healthier and happier practicing this.

Before I dive in, I want to turn your attention to a great resource I use that helps me an inspires me deeply. Brian Johnson’s incredible Optimal Living program is phenomenal. I learned of the details of the Roger Bannister story through him. You can check him and his marvelous work out at Optimze.me.

3:59.4. No one thought that a mile could be run in 4 minutes. In thousands of years of running, it had never been done. Yet, one man, Roger Bannister had a vision, a goal, a dream. We are never given a dream and a sacred yearning without also being given the exact DNA to make it happen. He broke that record – he ran a mile in 3:59.4. No one had ever done this before. Ever.

There is MAGIC in this story, so stay with me.

First, he didn’t just luck out.

Second he was not more gifted or talented than others. In fact, in the Olympics he placed 4th. What he did have was a) vision, b) grit, c) tenacity, d) persistence, e) belief.

Third, what he did, and this is CRITICAL: He took his dream, a 4-minute mile, and smashed it into little chunks he COULD do. The 4 Minute-Mile was, at that time, a massive undertaking that would have seemed totally unrealistic.

Thus, he decided he could run 1/4 of a mile in 1 minute. He worked that until he nailed it. Then he figured if he could do 1/4 mile, he could do a 1/2 mile in 2 minutes. He worked at until he nailed it. Then he worked his way up to a 3/4 mile until he nailed it.

The day he ran and broke the record, he actually had not yet run the full mile in less than 4 minutes. Providence powered him on, on the back of his incredible vision and tenacity. He did it. He popped through the eye of the needle that no one had ever done. In so doing, he created a new groove of possibility for the entire world, a new energy that everyone could raw on.

Check this: just 46 days later the 4 minute mile was broken again by someone else. And then again. And again. Why is that? We had a belief that it could be done.

One man’s courage and heart had set a new field of energy and in our unflinching belief and knowing it was possible.

I get chills writing this story.

We don’t need to run a sub 4 minute mile, unless thats your thing. What I do want all of us to think about: what are those dreams and visions that call us? We are, according to all the research on happiness and motivation, Teleological beings – we are telescopic. Simply, we HAVE to have a target in our life that we are growing towards that stretches us.

What is your thing? Healing your migraines? Being a better father? Crushing your new business’ goals? Getting out of debt? Losing 15 pounds? Breaking the shackles of depression? Healing years of chronic pain?

Take that luminous vision, and visualize it like a big rock. Take a hammer to it and SMASH it. Those little chunks are now the things we do each day, each week, each month, each quarter, each year. All of the sudden, just like Roger Bannister, we can absolutely find the mojo to Crush it, Love it, and love ourselves. All we have to do is begin. 1 tiny 5mm domino, 29 dominoes later, can topple a domino the size of the Empire State Building. Small is mighty when Love and Purpose get in it. Just begin. If you need help, ask.

If your goals and dreams are in line with your Spirit, and they serve a greater good, I assure you can do WAY more than you think you can. Way more. Infinitely more. Like I said early, small is mighty when the Spirit gets in it. No matter where you are starting from you, it just takes a little progress each day to build more and more momentum and to transition your energy system from poor to neutral to rich to SUPER RICH.

If you want personal help with this, thats what I am here for and what I have done with thousands of clients from around the world. This is what we do at NWCC – we help you turn on your brain, tune in your spine, and tap into your heart so that the impossible becomes so possible.

11:59:59. Eleven fifty nine and fifty nine seconds. I won’t wax political or philosophical except to say that there is NO BETTER TIME THAN RIGHT NOW to be your best self, to explore uncharted territories in your own health and happiness. The world needs you, badly. Our Charlotte community needs you, badly. From my vantage point, there has also never been more Help and possibility to assist you. A 4 minute mile is a play thing. An awakened heart fused with a mighty purpose is the real game. Lets play that game.

A very cool study showed that if enough people were meditating together with a coherent intention to become peaceful, happy, powerful, and purposeful each day, we could see profound and measurable changes in crime rates. In Washington DC, it was shown that if the square root of 1% of a population of Washington could coming together on a daily basis,powerful changes occurred. There was a powerful drop in crime: 20%. The then chief of police said this was unheard of.

Roger Bannister time: if that was true then, whats possible now??

With a powerful intent, with coherent brains, hearts, and spines, we can change this world.

In Charlotte, that would mean 90 people together at any given time sharing powerful intent and coherent minds and bodies can absolutely heal themselves and this world. Im in. 100%. Are you?

11:59:59. Whats your choice? Whats your vision? Don’t worry about your failures, just learn from them. Don’t worry about the obstacles in your life, they are opportunities. I don’t mean to be trite and pithy, its simply the truth and now is the time. IF you feel you are up against a wall, get help and find a community that will help you find a way, that will help you see a crack in the wall where a shimmering ray of light can get through. That crack will open into a possibility and peace you never knew possible if you’ll Roger Bannister it: a) vision, b) grit, c) tenacity, d) persistence, e) belief.

You got this, and I’d love to help you. I am loving you and praying for you and rooting for you. We are all connected as One Mind, so I promise you this is true and a possibility. No one is left out from the table. All it takes is a little willingness to get started. So start today, and if I can muse and guide you to your own greatness and healing – call us.

February is a fantastic time to get started at NWCC, or to rekindle your healing practice if you dropped off. We are sharing the love in a wild and wonderful way. IF you call the office between now and my birthday (this Friday), we’ll gift YOU 2 45 minute one on one sessions with me where we can help turn your life around and set up a plan to make that happen. Normally those 2 sessions are $195, and we’ll get your rocking for just $45. I’d give it away, however in my 15 years of healing, most people don’t rock something for nothing. Its just not how the universe works. If you have a friend or loved on, you can forward this to them and they can call, too. Don’t wait, and if its not me, great, just make a move. The Universe is literally crouched hiding around the next corner to love, support, and bring all the assistance you need. If my offer feels right, don’t wait.


Dr. Matt Lyon

PS – If you’d like to hang out with me and help all these energies and possibilities that I am describing come to life, I’d love that. February 17th is my birthday AND I’d love to celebrate with you at YogaOne on February 18th. Tai Dorn and I will be rocking a powerhouse program. She’ll teach and lead a Jivamukti flow yoga class, then I’ll step in and lead you guys in some powerful breathing practices. We’ll close it out with a LIVE didgeridoo meditation – the original Charlotte didgeridoo meditation that comes from a 40,000 year lineage. Join us, lets celebrate and create more ripples of power and positivity in our city. Register at http://y1now.com/pages/devotion. This program usually sells out, so get your tickets this week.

PPS – Also, if you’d like some more intimate time in a smaller group setting with live, real-time teaching and healing I’d love to have you come to my next in office workshop where we dive deep into the revolutionary work we do at NWCC. It will be at 6:30 on April 7th right at our office. You can call the office at 704-909-7130 and reserve your spot. These are limited to 30 people, and last time we had standing room only, so make sure you mark it in and commit to yourself. A Supple spine, a Strong Body, a Sacred Heart, and a sublime mind are completely possible for. Together, we can make this world a radically better place.


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