Have you ever noticed that we tend to get what we expect?

If we expect the worst in others, have you ever noticed that we tend to get what we look for?

If we expect the worst in ourselves, have you noticed what happens?

Lets do an experiment (seriously): I want you to look around the room you are in now and look for everything with the color red. Take a minute and scan your room.

Now, let me ask you a question: How much green did you see? Not much, probably. Why? Because you were not looking for it. The brain, through a cool area called the reticular activating system, is constantly scanning our environment for what we expect and desire. “As a man thinketh, so is he”.

Asa  chiropractor + acupuncturist, you may wonder why I write so often on the “soft sciences” of our attitudes, beliefs, perspectives, and perceptions. There is a reason: these are, in my estimation, the greatest influences on your health and well-being.

Transform these and ANYTHING is possible: whether it is chronic health problems, chronic pain, chronic relationships “issues”, and money problems. At the deepest level, at least from a quantum physics view, there is nothing happening “out there” – its all within the mind. Change your mind, change your life. Its so cliche at this stage, but very few ever truly do it.

Whatever we continue to defend and guard against, we actually make real in our own minds. We concrectize our fear, anxiety, and self absorption into tension and cellular muck by our focus, belief, and perception. The opposite is true – we liberate and love ourselves through our focus, belief and perception.

“Let thine eye be single” means that with great maturity we can direct our un-compromised and unopposed thoughts forward and into the NOW. Where we direct our focus is where we direct our attention. Where our attention flows, our energy goes. Our brain, based on what is programmed, then projects and constructs the reality we see. For Stanford level scientific rigor on this see Lisa Feldman Barrett’s new book, “Emotions and the Brain”.

YOU are the light. Our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, and focus are the film that runs in front of that light. The wall is our life. The movie on the wall is our life as we see it. So, then, what is real? The plastic movie film, or the light itself. I would argue that the light that is what is “real” and we have PROFOUND agency, capacity, and power to transform the film and thus transform radically what we see and experience. In other words, you CAN heal and be happy. We can, together, create a very different world.

When we can cultivate this skill with great compassion we become finely tuned warriors filled with peace, health, energy, dynamism, and a tranquil spirit that can meet whatever shows up with grace, humility and authentic power.

We get what we expect. Expectations influence our reality, down to the cellular level. This has been documented in a number of studies, which I have a link to below. As a doctor, one of the most important things I can do when I meet with a new client is to explore this very question. I am startled and shocked out people who have been in chronic pain or illness have been led to EXPECT pain and illness by the medical (conventional + alternative) system that is tasked with helping.

There is very cool science on this, and if you want to explore that, I’ll refer you here to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s blog: http://www.drjoedispenza.com/blog/health/changing-bad-to-good-how-expectations-influence-behavior/

For me, I am all about radical practicality and helping you to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

If I expect to see the best in others, I will actually begin looking for what is right, true, and beautiful in them. When I am not operating from the messy and mixed up world of the ego, I can see people as THEY are, not as I am.

I know, from a quantum perspective, that as I do this, the very “thing” I am observing begins to change based on my beliefs and expectations. We are all One Mind, we are all thoroughly connected. Quantum entanglement, is a fancy way of showing that this is so.

This may seem esoteric, but its not. I am in the business of helping sick people get well, of helping those in pain find a way to progress, purpose, and peace and I am only interested in what works.

This works.

When I expect the best for myself and for my day, my day and what I do goes remarkably better than when I wake up expecting pain, problems, anxiety, and chaos.

Remember our experiment? Truth is so simple. And truth is always true. What do we want to look for each day? Practice deciding each morning, before the momentum of your life grabs you: “today is going to be the best day of my life! I expect joy and miracles! Here is what I intend to do with this day ________________.”

The lesson is simple: expect the best in yourself and others. It does NOT mean eschewing healthy boundaries and the need for honest conversations about the messy human topics such as anger, hurt feelings, and forgiveness.

However, we always come back to the “golden key” that Emmet Fox described, that instead of placing our focus and thoughts on the problem, we (and I share this with respect to all religions and faiths and those with no religion or faith – its just what works for me) instead with great enthusiasm place our thoughts on God, on what needs to be done, and on the solution.

Its all about my fundamental frame of reference. What I look for I will find. “Seek, and you will find”. To quote Einstein: “there are two ways to live your life: One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.”

No matter how complex or mixed our lives and world get, we can always return to this fact and we can, therefore, change our minds. As enough people “change their minds” and re-orient around this truth, we set into motion energy and possibilities that we can’t see with the body’s eyes or understand with the human brain.

As we turn our attention this way, we become much more energy. Our frequency literally increases. Our vibration rises. This is the recipe for health, momentum, progress, and healing. No one will do it for you. Ever.

As we turn our attention to problems and allow our minds to become cacophonous symphonies of out of tune thoughts and mixed motivations, we become much more matter, much more dense. Our energy frequency lowers, our vibration lowers, and with that so does our potency. I promise you there is no transformative mojo in this.

I’ll close with a real-time story that happened yesterday.

You can change lives in an instant, and it doesn’t matter what your “job” is. I was at Chipotle today. The angel working there seriously made my burrito with as much mindfulness as an expert sushi chef. She looks up at me, out of “nowhere” and said, “I love being alive. Today is such a beautiful day.” The only response I could muster was “GOD BLESS”. She said, “Amen, we need so much more of that in this world.” All I could say was ‘Amen!’. As I filled my ice tea, I had tears in my eyes.

My whole focus yesterday was to focus on each person I came into contact with and to receive the blessing they had for me. My expectation was that, even if no words were exchanged, we were exchanging energy and that I was contributing beauty, love, and empowerment into the field. When we are stuck in our heads with self-centered fear garbage, we are like Pigpen in the Peanuts – we give off a big energetic stink. Its not sexy.

This woman was as Holy as anyone, and to that Beauty I bow down. I bow down to the immensity of you, to the beauty that is this world, and to the potential we all carry to be the Light of the World. I believe that it only takes small pockets of the population to “vibrate” at these higher frequencies and we can: heal our bodies, heal our relationships, heal this world, and create a joyful, peaceful, and truly “powerful” world.

By the world’s standards, this woman should be stressed – working a $8/hour job, living in a world that is poised to judge her by the color of her skin. Love always finds a way to shine through. Her comments made her the master healer, the master teacher.

Try it, I challenge you, to put your judgments and busy mind on the table and take a stand for your own power. Take a stand against your littleness, your fear, and your buried anger. Take a stand for love. reach across that invisible veil we think separates us and start being the change. I defy you to do this and NOT make your life better. Do it with your health, your body, your work, your parenting, your finances.

But here is the deal – you have to give to receive. You have to give this vision and as we do that we learn that its who we were all along. You are so much more than you can imagine. Its good medicine.

Love is what we are – nothing can stop us when we get in that river. Nothing can thwart that momentum of the miraculous. We can move the mountains of fear and tension that hold us back – easy.

I’d love to see you in person and love you up.

You can always call my office and schedule a time to talk and participate in my Life Dojo designed to help you become a ninja of your own health and happiness. Call Laura at 704-909-7130 and let her know you, too, want to be a ninja of the numinous. She’d love to help you.

Also, you can join me for a few hours at Be Yoga Carmel where I’ll be leading a “didgeridoo meditation” – I teach you to breathe and move energy like an ancient Shaolin monk, and then you get to soak in the healing vibrations of the didgeridoo. You can go to http://beyogaandwellness.com/events-2-be-yoga-charlotte/ – there are lots of other great events at their studio. Get active and get around alive people. Come and join me.

Finally, if you are down for the deep journey, join me at my day-long urban retreat July 8 right here at our Center in Meyers Park – its a petri dish of power to help you cultivate your dream life. Time after time, we rock these and time after time people report amazing changes in their lives. Call us at 704-909-7130 to join. Discount pricing ends June 1 (currently $199, will go to $299).

I love you. Expect the best. Of yourself and of this world. You have reason to. No mater what your past, your power is your limitless possibility. Now is the time. No messing around. Lets step up and groove.


Dr. Matt Lyon



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