Want to take 5 minutes to feel connected, energized, and whole?

Lets start here:

Fact #1: You are Loved!

Fact #2: You are NOT alone!

Fact #3: You have everything you need!

I wanted to write this for anyone out there who a) needed some encouragement; b) maybe going through a tough time physically; c) anyone who may be facing challenging life stuff; d) anyone feeling disconnected, down, or discouraged. You are NOT alone.

Stop for a minute and think about 2 people that love you. 2 people that, no matter what, have your back. Feel that sense of love and connection in your heart.

Now, Think of 2 people you love deeply.

Next, Remember a time when you made a big impact in someone’s life, a time you loved bigger than yourself and you made a life better. Maybe it was an act of kindness, a big sacrifice, a mission trip to Haiti. Feel that. Feel how good that feels.

Did you know as you do this, your body is releasing thousands of healing chemicals? Your brain is working better? Take this in. You are Loved. You are Love. You are Beloved.

Now, place your hand on your heart. Breathe in and breathe out. Repeat the word, “Beloved”. Again and again. Breathe it in. You are Beloved.

Breathe and direct that immense super rich energy to any place in your body that wants it. Send it to someone you know is suffering. Send it to some cold, hungry refugees. Send it to someone alone in a hospital tonight. Send it to someone who might be thinking of ending their life. Send it to the political candidates. Send it to people you love.

LIke I said in my last blast, we can pray for miracles, which I do all the time, AND we can also choose to act as a Miracle – right NOW. We start from a place of gratitude, compassion, and wholeness. That amplifies and augments our “vibrational” field and our capacity to act as Loving Agents of change. When we start with love for ourselves, with compassion for ourselves, nothing is impossible. There is nothing we can’t overcome. A Course in Miracles states that “there is a place inside of you where there is perfect peace. There is a place inside of you where nothing is impossible.” We can touch that sweet spot, that living energy of Life right inside of us anytime.

Researchers at Stanford tell us that if we want to make a change and break a negative habit, we HAVE to begin with self-love and compassion. The minute we step into fear, into self-hatred, into the trance of unworthiness, we simply reinforce the belief that we are alone, we are limited. You are loved. Beloved. Beloved. By doing it, we are not making believe, we are aligning in total belief with what is most true. You are a Divine Gift.

No matter where you are at, no matter how many times you feel you’ve blown it, God gives us 1 Billion chances again and again to simply choose again and start again. Wherever we are it is just the springboard forward. Its just right. We are right where we are supposed to be. We are cells in the body of  Loving Universe where, even when it seems so paradoxical and contradictory, Love is always working FOR US and within us and through us.

You are loved. Beloved. Take a breath. What magic is calling you today? How can you be a miracle for someone else today. Take that self love right into your pain. You can heal. You are healing. You are whole. Breathe. Next step. Repeat.

Make this practice a habit every day. Do it before you sleep. Do it before you wake. Do it when you are scared. Do it before you pray, do it before you meditate.

I love receiving Network Care because it aligns my spine and heart and mind with these energies of Remembrance. I’ve never gone to Network Care hoping to get some pain fixed or some physical alignment fixed. I show up to turn on the Life Force in every cell of my body and to attune it, entrain it, to the amazing Rhythms of wholeness. If you have been away for a while, we’d love to see you. Come on!

I love practicing SRI as it helps me truly feel all these different energies in my body. IT takes me out of my head, and into my heart where connection, peace, courage, vision, gratitude, Oneness, and healing reside. The external practices takes me into inner alchemy. Lynn and I have taken so many people through these 12 Stages and they unfold so beautifully, so uniquely, so individually for each person. Our next workshop is February 4th @ 6:30 PM. Please come and turn that beautiful Life and Heart Force on!

We love you. You are loved.

Give your self permission to stop trying to fix yourself, just focusing on BEING yourself.

As they say in the hasidic tradition, over every blade of grass is an Angel saying, “grow, grow, grow”. I think you have an angel with you and over say saying the same thing.


Dr. Matt Lyon

Charlotte, NC

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