Its Monday. Its Time for Miracles on Mondays to fuel you for the week.

Lets intend and look forward to a great week of growth, service, connection, love, and healing. I know I am.

I was at the gym on Saturday before my 40th birthday party. I love working out, it feels so good, I am so grateful to be able to walk, to breathe, to move this God-given body. Its SUCH a blessing. I love my inspiring music. I was rocking to Elevation Worship’s new album, some AC/DC, a little Sean Paul, and some Jay Sean.

I love to sweat my prayers and take my body to a new edge. I send love and intention for people I love or people I know who are suffering. I visualize my body working seamlessly, effortlessly flowing with Innate Intelligence. Gratitude + Love = Appreciation, the highest vibrational state a human being can hold. Couple that with maximizing your body’s physiology and you rewrite your health + vibrational template (another blog for another time).

In that state, I know I am in a high vibration place and my radar is wide open to receive miracles that are all around. I began the workout consciously directing attention AWAY from the TVs talking about Donald Trump. My energy would instantly drop when I tuned into the political nonsense and talking heads.

Then, a man changed the channel. Hint – when you don’t like what you are seeing you can ALWAYS change the channel. I can always shift my focus to what I want to see. In people I react to, I can instantly shift my focus to what is right with them, or what they can teach me. CHANGE THE CHANNEL. There is another reality just quick channel switch away. There is another possibility just a new perspective away!

On the TV came an amazing story about an Autistic boy who had been a basketball team manager for a high school team. I loved him from the second I saw him. I actually could not hear the TV, I had my music blasting on my headphones. The energy of it reached out from the TV and into my heart and I started getting chills. I felt that beautiful “signature of Grace”…I usually know it as my heart expands well beyond my body, I get chills, I tear up, and I feel invincible in the deepest sense.

This boy, Jason Mcelwain, had been the team manager for years and had never actually played in a game. I can tell you what happened, but you need to watch carefully and SEE and HEAR what happens. Watch the video below, and watch the miracle unfold. Watch with eyes and ears and a heart that is open. He is teaching us, he is living the Gospel, he is Hope incarnate. These are the stories that we can all share that remind us What we Really Are, and the amazing Life that is possible, NO MATTER our past, our circumstances, our challenges, our hurts, our losses, our setbacks, our diagnoses, what other people think of us, or how many times we have messed it up.

WATCH THE VIDEO and then lets look at the MIRACLES you can apply this week:

Monday Miracles (in no particular order):

Miracle #1 – Jason lived the highest virtue of giving and contribution. He didn’t give to get. He gave  because he loved the game and loved people. How do we show up to our jobs? Our relationships? Are we showing up to punch the clock? Are we showing up for a paycheck? Are we showing up in life with passion, vitality, and integrity in THIS MOMENT with everything we have got? Or, are we waiting for the right job or the right person? Are we holding out on life? Are we holding out on God? God’s always answering prayers, it sure helps when we are on the right channel to actually get the message. Show up, 100%, with a loving passionate heart. No matter where we are, that is where we start. We always set our sights to our dreams and inspirations, AND WE CHOOSE alignment, joy, service, and love NOW.

Miracle #2 – Jason showed up in love. Then his chance came. HIS COMMUNITY supported him. None of US can do this alone. The miracle here is that when we are surrounded by a community and by people that see the best in us and want the best in us, it loads our life with positive energy where nothing is impossible. We find in our hearts a place where we are NEVER alone, a place where EVERYTHING is possible. Did you notice in the video how the students loved him? They had pictures of Jason. They were JOYFULLY expecting JASON to play. They were merging the power of the heart (magnetic energy) and the energy of the mind (electric energy) creating an electromagnetic field of love, possibility. They did not know it but they were intending and manifesting a field where miracles could happen. Do we support others this way? Or do we get lost in judgement, envy, and social comparison? Do we show up to our own lives with a sense of joyful possibility that with God we can create a life of joy and strength? Do we recognize how powerful we are in making this world a better place?

Miracle #3 – When his time came, JASON STEPPED UP WITHOUT HESITATION. In his joyful and super energy rich presence he said YES. When his coach put him in the game, he said YES and gave his 100%. Technically speaking – at the level of our 3 dimensional world of time and space, he did NOT have the skill set the other kids did. At the level of Grace, however those rules don’t apply. We can say that all we want, but until we truly BELIEVE and then say yes with complete attention, intention, devotion, and enthusiasm, we’ll never truly feel it. What is calling you? What do you feel your soul telling you to say YES to? In the simplicity and mundane, can you give your 100% passionate heart? It creates the place where miracle are possible.

Miracle #4. Community is rallied, everyone was sharing the common intention to support Jason, you can feel the energy in the room just watching the video. His first shot! He missed. How many of us step up, screw it up, and then we stop. We let the challenges, mistakes, misses, and falls on our faces determine our future. The past only equals the future if we let it. Research has shown the the happiest people actually fail more often (See Tal Ben Shahar’s work at Harvard). He kept going and HE KEPT TRYING. He fell and GOT BACK UP. Hi missed and KEPT PLAYING. You have an auditorium of angels cheering for you, I promise you have more support than you could ever imagine with your old self. DONT GIVE UP. Jason kept playing and NAILED 6 3 pointers. AMAZING!

Miracle #5. Pray. Prayer can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. When times are tough, when you are up against a wall, when you are confused, when you are in a rough spot, you need to remember you have ACCESS to 24-7 support from the spiritual domain. You need to humbly ask for help. Did you see what the coach did when Jason missed his shot? He asked God for help. Listen closely. Prayer helps. Prayer works. Prayer changes things. When you drive, pray and send love energy to other drivers, when you are in Starbucks silently pray for everyone there, one by one. Where ever you go silently bow and bless each person you meet. Open your eyes and see the light in and around every person you come into contact with. It completely changes EVERYTHING. I defy you to do this and be anxious, miserable, and depressed.

Miracle #6: Get on FIRE about the things you love in your life. Passion, focus, love, and enthusiasm are powerful magnetic forces that draw unseen help to you. You’ll be happier, more vibrant, and you wont have so many wrinkles. You’ll be a joy to be around, instead of a complaining clod of heaviness. Did you hear what Jason said, “I was as hot as pistol?” I saw in another interview he said, “I was on fire!” He showed up, he said yes, he played full out, and when he felt that “fire”, the momentum kicked in. The results were effortless in this space. He was a monday morning miracle machine! He found his “Mo” thus rode his “Flow”. The whole crowd was on fire. Magic. Everyone experienced life changing love.

Miracle #7: Celebrate. Did you see how everyone CELEBRATED? Celebration is life, and we do far too little of it in our lives. Whenever you feel a breakthrough, a success, no matter how small, CELEBRATE. You are participating in something miraculous and Divine, no matter how small and mundane your success is. When we celebrate, we hardwire and anchor in the new energy into our system and it leverages us to grow more, appreciate more, and experience MORE of that. Celebrate failure, for like Jason, its just getting you that much closer to what you are dreaming of. Celebrate others, especially when they succeed. Don’t be petty, small, greedy, or envious. These emotions suck the life out of you and the air out of the room. All they do is keep you stuck as they keep you lost in a life. We are all God’s kids, we are all members of One Body, so when one wins we all win. This is the economy of Spirit and its a whole other rule book than the world of fear and scarcity that this world runs on. CELEBRATE. Don’t wait. Celebrate others every day. Its so simple. Every interaction you can catalyze a miracle by celebrating someone.

Miracle #8: Intend, visualize, see, and feel what you want to create and experience. Did you hear Jason talk about the basketball hoop? He said it was like a big basket that was so easy to get balls into. WOW. He is merging his emotion (magnetic energy) and thought (electric energy) into an electromagnetic field where he accessed everything he needed. If you have a dream, a project, a challenge, and “diagnosis”, how are you seeing it? What emotions do you feel? Always be real, truthful, and authentic. Thus, we always see things as they are. We are not naive polly-anna’s who live in a world of fake spiritual mumbo-jumbo. However, we always at the same time see things BETTER than they are. Then, we get take ACTION to make it that way. In his inner vision, he saw the basket as a giant bucket and he landed one 3 pointer after a another. See things as they are, see them BETTER than they are, and then get the resources you need and make them better. How we see our life and the challenges within will absolutely determine how we feel and how we do. Change the way we see things, and the things we see CHANGE.

Miracle #9: Always GIVE THANKS. LIVE IN GRATITUDE. EXPECT LESS, APPRECIATE MORE. Its not on this video, but I watched Jason receive an ESPN award. You know what his last words were when he received his award? THANK YOU GOD. Give thanks. LIve in gratitude, every day, every moment there is something to be grateful. Gratitude is the natural disposition of a heart connected to God and fueled by Love. Gratitude opens the portal to infinite possibility and it engenders a happy, buoyant, resilient, and joyful spirit. Gratitude will give strength when the storms come and will put wind in our sails when we feel alone on an open ocean of doubt.

Miracle #10: Isn’t it amazing how we are all inspired by stories like this? We are all so inspired and magnetized to these stories because they show us what life is about. They how us love is possible, love is real, and that our lives have not been wasted time. They show us that the most beautiful stories are not fairy tales come true, they are stories of mercy, grace, redemption, and resurrection. They show us that Spirit comes alive in the midst of human challenge and suffering and that with the right tools, the right focus, and Grace EVERYTHING is possible. You will rise, you will shine, you will find your flow. In fact, take strength in the fact that you an confidently claim this because its the very stuff you made of. If there was no Goliath, we’d never have David.

I can’t wait to see what your life produces. You can do this. We are right with you, you always have a friend in NWCC.

A month ago our work was in such demand we had a waiting list until June. We’ve made some changes and its never been easier or simpler to work with us. Just give us a call. We’d love to be there for you.

If you have a prayer request or intention, please let us know by sending an email to with your prayer intention and a picture of yourself. 24 hours of positive prayer and support if you would like it. You are never alone.

Have an amazing week, miraculous

Much love,

Dr. Matt Lyon

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