Sometimes life comes, and it comes hard and it comes fast.

Sometimes we are called to things and experiences that we never would have picked.

Sometimes we retrace our steps through old pain, sometimes we face new challenges and tragedies we never dreamed of. Sometimes we just lose the mojo and feel down.

If you are feeling that, if you are one of those Brave Souls who have chosen to live 100%, this one is for you.

Sometimes the crucible of our awakening and growth is crisis. In fact, its pretty common AND its usually a really, really good sign. If you can see it through and hold tight to truth, you can get through anything and come out so much more whole and more alive as a result. 

Yet, the only thing we ever lack is resourcefulness. I know it may feel so big, so much bigger than we think we can handle, but the only thing we ever lack is resourcefulness. Plug into Source, get ReSourced, reach out for help, reach in for help. You are never alone. Whether we think we can, or that we can’t we are right. I KNOW you can, I know WE can.

If we can uncover and plug into Resources, we can traverse ANY valley, we can paddle ANY rapids, we can walk with grace through ANY fire. We can ALWAYS find resources, because its what we are made of.

There is a magic bullet when it comes to reclaiming recourses. It is the power of decision. We make a decision that says, “I may be up against a wall, I may feel broken, I may not see the exact way forward, BUT I AM DECIDING HERE AND NOW TO HEAL, TO STAND UP, To GROW, To GIVE and MOVE FORWARD and BE A BEACON of light NO MATTER WHAT MY CIRCUMSTANCES. Our hearts define us, not our circumstances. Our love in action defines us, not our challenges. Decision, literally, means to cut away all your other options. 1,000,000 unseen hands will come to your assistance the minute you claim your Power and make a decision.

When we make a choice a decision and regather our resources, we make a monumental move. We go from life dabbler to Love Initiate. To move from being a dabbler, a mere philosopher, into being a “master” there is a middle step that can be a real bear. Its the middle step of initiation. Sometimes its an initiation that cracks you wide open. Sometimes it is a baptism by fire. Pure gold NEVER fears the hottest flame. The only thing that will get cooked is that which is not Gold. The only thing we’ll ever lose, even in death, is that which was never real anyway. 

I am writing this to all of us and any of us that are in the thick of it. And to anyone is loving and supporting someone going through it. I am writing this for our world. For the refugees, the forgotten ones, the children, and anyone anywhere who hit their knees and said, “there has got to be a better way – God help me!”

I mentioned in my last blog that all real Service is borne of Resurrected suffering. Before the rising to Life can happen, there has to be a death. That initiation, that crucible, systematically deconstructs all the ways in which we play small, forget who we are, and cut off the flow of Grace. When the Gardner comes, and you see his scissors, its easy to say “Um, you know what, I think I’ll take being an average Rose bush.” The Gardner smiles, thanks you for your input and the cutting begins. In a couple seasons from now, your roses spread their fragrance throughout the neighborhood. You are Beauty Incarnate. You can’t imagine Life any other way now. But at the time the Gardner came, you would have run the other way if you could. You can’t run from Life. Resistance hurts, and its futile. 

Don’t worry, I’m scared of the Gardner, too. I like to read books about initiation and then talk about them. I never signed up for my initiation. No way. It just happened when I was distracted thinking about myself.

Just so we are clear, a crucible was a container used in the ancient art of alchemy. You put lead into the crucible. Then, you mash it, pound it, add your special ingredients and after a good working, it comes out as something so much greater than it ever could have dreamed of being. It had to get rocked and clobbered and cooked in that crucible. There is a Force of Love that engenders this process. I call that God. Call it what you want, but it is inevitable when we truly, deeply, authentically cry, “Yes”.

Some of my favorite fire-walking crucible crossers:

  • Eckhart Tolle: You know his book the Power of Now as an international bestseller. The guy who is on Oprah. The calmest guy you have ever seen. HE wrote that book after being suicidal and absolutely depressed.
  • Michael Brown: Author of the Presence Process. Wrote his book after 10 years of horrific chronic cluster headaches (the worst pain you can imagine, so I hear).
  • Byron Katie: Author of Loving What Is – her teaching life was prefaced by a life of utter “failure” – she was a drug addict, suicidal, depressed, alone, lying on a floor because she didn’t feel she deserved a bed.
  • Adyashanti: A teacher of mine who has said that his path was the path of total failure, who during his teaching began to go through a 5 year period of intense and Emergency Room inducing abdominal pain.
  • Nic Vujicic – An amazing exemplar of love in action. He was born without arms or legs. He has three kids, surfs, and teaches people about the Love of God.
  • Oprah – amazing woman, horribly abused, beaten and abandoned. She is rocking it. Obviously. 
  • Brene Brown – amazing writer and leader whose book The Power of Vulnerability was rejected over 100 times by publishers. It is now one of the biggest selling self help books of all time.
  • Albert Einstein – people thought he was a dud, he did not speak until the age of 4. Tough childhood
  • Kris Carr – rocked out healing on every level through cancer and now inspires and helps so many (Crazy Sexy Cancer Diva)
  • Charlize Theron saw her mother shoot her dad. She was the first South African to win an Academy Award. Her pain of feeling became her gift of acting.
  • Martin Luther King – his work began as a courageous act of Love in the face of horrible oppression. He knew he would be killed, and he knew he would not see the fruits of his labor. He give it all anyway.
  • Nelson Mandela. Watched his people oppressed, killed, murdered, abused. Then he was put into prison for 27 years. He never, ever, ever gave up. Then Love used him to birth a new country based on Unity.
  • The Dalai Lama – lost everything, exiled to India, watched his people butchered and murdered by the Chinese. He keeps loving, he keeps teaching, he keeps living the Gospel better than most of the public politicians preaching Christianity could ever dream of (Sorry Ted, Jesus does not carpet bomb).
  • Mother Theresa went through profound and prolific suffering for much of her public life. She brought, and still brings, light to Billions of people.
  • Jesus. Need I say more??

Look, in truth, I am writing this blog to myself as much for anyone else. We are all in this together, and everyone, when you really sit down with them and talk to their heart has quite a story to tell. I am not alone, you are not alone. We are not alone, we are All One. I don’t mean to be glib, but that is just my experience. Selfishly (and I can be very selfish), I’d much prefer to read the books and sound wise and look great than get everything burned in the Fire of Grace. Yet, Something inside, Something ancient and Truer than anything I have ever known, keeps calling me back to say Yes to everything, Yes to Life, Yes to the fire. Yes to the dying, and Yes to the rebirth. Will you join me?

Love the crucible. Love the initiation. Its the only Real path Home. Its how Love melts the hard edges of resistance, defense, and BS.

Let me end with my favorite Rumi Poem:

The grapes of my body can only become wine After the winemaker tramples me. I surrender my spirit like grapes to his trampling So my inmost heart can blaze and dance with joy. Although the grapes go on weeping blood and sobbing “I cannot bear any more anguish, any more cruelty” The trampler stuffs cotton in his ears: “I am not working in ignorance You can deny me if you want, you have every excuse, But it is I who am the Master of this Work. And when through my Passion you reach Perfection, You will never be done praising my name.”

Let us become Sweet Wine together.

You are whole, you are Love, You are Loved. You are not Alone. We are invisibly and inextricably woven into the Organizing Principle vaster the the Universe(s) itself.


Dr. Matt Lyon

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