SBS: Squirrel Brain Syndrome – a Dangerous Epidemic plaguing our Society

There is a dangerous, highly contagious, and life-destroying virus plaguing our society.

It robs us of the present moment, it causes chronic tension and pain, speeds up the aging process, ruins relationships, creates debt, sabotages dreams, causes depression, activates anxiety.

Its been known to blow a super bowl, sabotage geopolitical negotiations, and can lead to divorce.

It erases your smile, dulls your laughter, and causes “celestial amnesia”. “Celestial amnesia” is a dangerous effect of the virus, and in it we forget that we are Children of God, that we are part of a beautiful and harmonic universe that is working for us. We forget that, no matter what, we are beautiful and worthy of love just by being ourselves. We are all connected to each other. Inextricably. 

This, of course leads to advanced stages of SBS – fear, isolation, loneliness, anger, rage, shame, and blame.

Patients with SBS (Squirrel Brain Syndrome) often experience an inflammatory condition called “victim-itis”. In this “disease of perception” everyone else is at fault. Parents, lovers, kids, and political leaders are common targets of this symptom.

Sadly, in victim-its, patients keep ruining their life trying to change the past and trying to control the future. Their minds never stop. They never relax. They are never in the Now. It appears to mimic a delusional psychotic disorder where they see the ghosts of the past everywhere and continue to act as if they are here. They get a lot of headaches, neck pain, back aches and are often misdiagnosed with candida, chronic fatigue, and adrenal stress syndrome.

When we are infested with SBS, happiness, mood, and success depend on everything going “our way”. This wreaks particular havoc on patients who had tough lives growing up – they think that if they had a different past, their lives would be better. Their “soul-vision” is clouded from seeing the truth that it has always been happening FOR us, even when the night seemed darkest. SBS cant see that all real service is born of resurrected suffering.

Mistakenly, SBS patients will feel that they can only be happy when the pain goes away, when the bank account is filled, when we they get the guy (or girl), or when other people change. SBS causes us to think that we are upset because of our life circumstances.

In advanced cases they may even try to erect giant walls to keep “others” out. We have seen severe SBS sufferers run for president. SBS sows the seeds of hatred, racism, prejudice and even genocide. SBS sufferers, sadly, believe their thoughts way too much. 

Squirrel Brain Syndrome is a disorder of over-thinking, under-feeling, and delusional perception. SBS is caused by the virus of fear, and its most dangerous symptom is the forgetting of Love.

SBS activates the centers in the brain that worry, fret, fix, defend, posture, and create tension as a way to protect. SBS thrives on shame. SBS grows in darkness, secrecy, loneliness, and isolation. In Squirrel Brain Syndrome, our 70,000+ thoughts per day are mostly negative – 70-80% according to research (Martin Seligman, et al). Further, and this appears to be the most detrimental aspect of the disease, 95% of our thoughts today are the same as yesterday.

In Squirrel Brain Syndrome, people get so caught up in their thoughts, taking them as real. Their negative and fearful world view keeps playing out, further activating a major stress center in the brain called the amygdala. They produce fearful images and scenarios for the future, they feel so much shame and regret about the past. Its like a bad scary movie again and again. None of it is inherently real. 

SBS sufferers believe the collective lie that if we let go of our past, we’ll be doomed to repeat it in the future. SBS sufferers are in denial and blind to the fact that the more we focus on ANYTHING, the more it grows. Our focus becomes vibrationally active and through the complex laws of this beautiful coherent universe, we keep drawing it into our lives. Like begets like. Fear begets fear. Faith and Love beget more Faith and Love. Focus on anger and whats wrong and we’ll keep getting anger and whats wrong. Focus on productive, proactive, responsible, steadfast, loving, generous, kind, and scaleable ways to change the world, we’ll actually change the world. 

The vibration of fear gets more “solid” and it feels like it keeps showing up in their lives. The more they look for fear and the more they notice fear the more solid fear gets. SBS sufferers feel like they are in quick sand. Amazingly, SBS forms the nervous system into a concrete straight jacket of fear and self-loathing. People literally lose themselves. Life breaks down, and there is systemic contradiction.

The bright eyes of a child and the open heart of the inner wonder kid shut down. We become “responsible adults” and get old, quickly. We are paying a lifelong mortgage to a bank made of our own fear. We’ll never get out of debt.

SBS sufferers tell the same story, again and again and again. They are, apparently, blocked from the universal truth that we are the authors of how we experience life, regardless of circumstance. They forget that at ANY moment, we can stop and change direction. At any point we can throw the rule book out and write a new life story.

They forget that at every moment there is more Love than can ever be imagined standing right with us, always welcoming us Home. They forget that through the wilderness, through the darkness, when we were the thirstiest, there was and is and will always be a Grace to hold us, guide us, guard us, and bring us Home.

There are some medications which are proving to be incredibly effective treatments. It appears that prayer, being truly present with reality, forgiveness, asking for help, telling the truth, opening your heart, meditating in silence, deep breathing, focused positive action, and following the example of masters who defeated this disease can completely reverse the syndrome.

Amazingly, it appears that when this healing occurs, life is actually better than before they got sick. What is also of great clinical interest is that the more people that wake up to the Truth of Who They Are and consciously act as agents of positive change, it stops the spread of SBS in its tracks. Apparently recovered SBS patients can help others recover, simply through inspiration and leading by example.

Community appears to be a healing balm that works very quickly.

SBS can be quickly healed by getting in touch with our deepest values and priorities AND MAKING THE NEEDED LIFE CHANGES.

We can help heal SBS through the body. It appears that Network Spinal Analysis and SomatoRespiratory Integration are phenomenal tools to help heal Squirrel Brain Syndrome. They help change the brain and the reflexive conditioned stress responses of the body and brain that keep SBS alive.

We can become the light in the dark. We can pray for miracles, but the Real Miracle is becoming One.

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Much Love,

Dr. Matt

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